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From: Jackie Bushell

Dear Fellow Dieter,

If you've been trying to lose weight but nothing you do seems to work, then you are probably feeling like nothing will ever get you into that little black dress or skinny swimsuit, get you noticed in the bar, or give you the energy to run about with your kids.

Or maybe your diet was working fine, until you hit a diet plateau and your weight loss came to a stop. You're frustrated and depressed, and feeling like giving up.

Or perhaps you lost weight before but then you put it all back again, and as you've probably already found, with each successive diet, it gets harder to lose the weight and you often end up weighing more than you did when you started. You know yo-yo dieting is just making your weight problem worse but you're feeling powerless to do anything about it.

Or perhaps you have a wedding or other special event coming up, and you need an extremely rapid weight loss method so that you can fit into the outfit of your dreams?

The HCG Diet could be your solution and this Guide will tell you how ...

In the Easy Guide to the HCG Diet you will learn what the HCG Diet is all about, why it is different to other diets and how its hallmark is incredibly fast weight loss which is both safe and permanent. This Guide will help you decide whether the HCG Diet is suitable for you and provide you with step-by-step instructions and tips on how to do the diet.

The HCG Diet was originally developed in the 1950s by an Englishman, Dr ATW Simeons who was regarded as one of the top research doctors in Europe. Dr Simeons' diet was extremely successful but its popularity eventually declined as the number of medical practitioners who understood how to do it properly dwindled. However, interest has now been rekindled in the HCG Diet, with dieters everywhere finding that it lives up to its reputation for producing safe but unbelievably fast fat loss.

If you've been having trouble losing weight, or you lose weight only to put it all back on again, you probably despair of ever getting to your ideal weight and shape. You keep trying but the fat always wins in the end. You wish you could be like other people who do not have to plan every morsel they eat, and worry that it was too much. In the end the constant failure really drags you down and it's hard not to get depressed about it.

That's where I was when I found out about the HCG Diet. I was battling thyroid and adrenal problems and the low carb diet that had been my saviour previously had stopped working for me. Then I heard about the HCG Diet, and that it was giving spectacular results, even with hard-to-lose people with underactive thyroid issues like me.

The HCG Diet works in a totally different way

So I read every piece of information I could find on the HCG Diet and how it works. It seemed to me that it enabled you to do a very low calorie diet without depressing your metabolism or suffering the loose, sagging skin and haggard look that often results from other very low calorie diets where wanted structural fat is lost but unwanted fat deposits stubbornly refuse to budge. Dieters were losing 3 to 5 pounds a week or more - far in excess of the rate I had ever lost weight at previously. In fact, diets that cause weight loss at this kind of rate are usually termed crash diets, and branded as dangerous. However, weight loss on the HCG Diet is far too high and too sustained to be accounted for by 'water loss', which is how so-called crash diets usually work. The way this diet works is totally different and I came to the conclusion that it merits the description of a 'healthy very rapid fat loss diet' rather than a 'crash diet'.

Combining a very low calorie diet with a hormone (chemical messenger) called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), the HCG Diet was designed to enable fat to be mobilised from stubborn fat deposits and used for energy in a way in which low calorie diets alone are unable to achieve. Dr Simeons' method also provides for maintenance of the new weight by rebalancing the disordered fat storing and burning mechanisms and, by gradually re-introducing specific foods, carbohydrates in particular, promoting the development of long term healthy eating habits tailored to the dieter's individual tolerance to those foods.

The stories of the incredibly rapid fat loss being experienced by people on the HCG Diet made me sceptical at first. Sceptical that the weight loss was really that fast, and sceptical that it was safe. But as I continued with my research I learned that the way the Diet works is fundamentally different, going even further to the heart of our fat regulation mechanisms than low carb diets. And when both my nutritional therapist and my thyroid doctor recommended the diet to me, I knew it was time to try it.

So how did the HCG Diet work for me? Judge for yourself!

I did two 'Rounds' of the HCG Diet, because I needed to lose 35 pounds - more than the maximum number you are allowed to lose per Round. In the very low calorie diet (VLCD) fat-loss phase of Round 1 (four weeks) I lost 17 pounds. That's only one pound less than the average of between 18 and 24 pounds for a female. For me, this was an astounding result, since I am a hard-loser with long-standing thyroid and adrenal problems which interfere with my ability to lose weight. I would have been surprised and delighted had I lost only half that! Despite only taking in 500 calories a day, I was not hungry. I then kept my weight stable in the 'stabilisation' phase for eight weeks with my usual low carb way of eating before starting Round 2, losing a further 18 pounds (five-and-a-half weeks of VLCD this time). So my total loss over the entire four month period (of which incredibly only nine-and-a-half weeks were actual VLCD and weight loss weeks) was 35 pounds - bang on target!

In the VLCD fat loss phases of the diet I lost much more weight than I lost years ago when I tried VLCDs that did not use HCG. People were amazed at both the incredible rate of loss and the fact that I looked so remarkably unscraggy for such an amount of weight lost in such a short space of time. I am now happily maintaining my new weight without problem and wishing that I had known about this wonderful diet many years ago!

The many benefits of the HCG Diet

The most obvious benefit of the HCG Diet is that it works. Individuals who have struggled for years to lose weight on the standard low fat/low calorie diet find that they are suddenly able to lose a significant amount of weight, usually without feeling ravenously hungry. The HCG Diet is claimed to improve many other problems too, including colitis, duodenal or gastric ulcers, allergies, psoriasis, hair loss, brittle nails, migraine, type 2 diabetes, rheumatism, cholesterol levels, gout, high blood pressure and varicose ulcers.

The extremely fast weight loss experienced on the HCG Diet is a real advantage over other diets because it provides a level of motivation to keep going that just does not exist with a diet on which you only lose half a pound to one pound a week. It is also brilliant if you have a wedding or other special event coming up, and you need an extremely rapid weight loss method if you are to be able to wear the outfit of your dreams!

Advantages of the HCG Diet ...
  • Safe, incredibly fast weight loss - individuals vary of course but the average female loses between 18 and 24 pounds in 32 days and the average male loses between 24 and 28 pounds in 32 days
  • Most people experience no hunger
  • Most people lose their food cravings
  • HCG dieters monitored using bio electrical impedance analysers test as having lost very little lean muscle mass
  • Some people report being able to eat more after doing the HCG Diet
  • Some people report that maintaining their weight after doing the HCG Diet is easier than on other diets
  • Hard-to-lose groups such as those with hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) are reporting particular success with the HCG Diet

Not only that, but HCG dieters report losing remarkably little muscle mass. Standard low calorie/low fat diets on the other hand can cause considerable lean muscle tissue loss along with the fat loss. This is an often neglected but crucial issue for successful long term weight loss. The more lean muscle tissue you have lost during a diet, the fewer the calories your body needs from that point on, and the fewer the calories you will have to exist on if you are to maintain your new weight. HCG dieters also report better reduction of fat in the areas they most want to lose it from such as the hips, thighs and belly, which often stays stubbornly in place on other diets despite stringent calorie reduction.

In short, the HCG Diet may be the most significant step-change in our understanding of the mechanisms of weight loss since the low carb revolution taught us about the crucial part blood sugar and insulin levels play in weight control.

Now you can benefit from the extremely fast weight loss that I achieved

I was so excited not only by my own success but the stories of so many other successes with the HCG Diet that I wanted to help spread the word about it. There was only one snag - it is very difficult for potential users of the HCG Diet to find accurate and comprehensive information about it. It certainly took me many months to research all the available information before I felt confident enough to try the diet out myself. I wanted as many others as possible to have the chance that I've had to finally lose the excess weight and start to enjoy life at a weight I feel comfortable with - and without having to spend several months as I did navigating through all the conflicting and incorrect information that is out there. And that's why I wrote the Easy Guide to the HCG Diet.

I have recently bought your HCG Guide and am thrilled to eventually find the truth about shedding weight.

JT, South Africa

What's in "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet"?

A 42 page guide including ...
  • My diet story and how I lost 35 pounds in four months (having tried many other diets previously).
  • The background and science behind the HCG diet.
  • Information on whether the HCG Diet may be suitable for you.
  • How to do the HCG diet, including detailed dietary requirements and step-by-step guide.
  • Seven pages of frequently asked questions.
  • Must-read bibliography and key websites.

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With my confident best wishes for your success in losing weight, and for your future health

Jackie Bushell
Founder Director, Good Diet Good Health