Easy guide to the HCG Diet for fast, safe weight loss
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the contents of "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet"? Does it contain text, pictures, diagrams etc?

A: "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet" is all text. Its 42 closely packed pages are full of information about the what the HCG Diet is, how it works, how to do the diet, and a 10-step guide to getting started. In broad outline, the book contains:

  • My diet story and how I lost 35 pounds in four months (having tried many other diets previously).
  • The background and science behind the HCG diet.
  • Information on whether the HCG Diet may be suitable for you.
  • How to do the HCG diet, including detailed dietary requirements and step-by-step guide.
  • Seven pages of frequently asked questions.
  • Must-read bibliography and key websites.


Q: Why is "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet" only available in electronic format?

A: "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet" is not available as a printed book. It is only available in electronic format, from www.hcgdietiseasy.com. The main reasons for this are:

  • Books in electronic format can be distributed instantly anywhere in the world. So I can get "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet" to you more easily, and you can get started on your weight loss program within minutes.
  • If I were to sell the book in printed form, I would have to get someone to print it, bind it, store it, distribute it and ship it. By selling "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet" in electronic format I can avoid these costs, allowing me to keep the price you pay to an absolute minimum.
  • Shipping costs, especially international ones, would add significantly to distribution costs. A book in electronic format avoids these, again meaning you save money.
  • A printed book's contents can never change once it is printed. With a book in electronic format, I can update the content as soon as my research gives me some new information which I would like my customers to know.


Q: How will I receive my copy of "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet"?

A: You will receive an email containing instructions on how to download your copy of "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet". The book is a PDF file (portable document format) that you can simply save and read on your computer, or print out to read if you prefer.


Q: How many pages are there in "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet"?

A: The book contains 42 standard letter size or A4 pages.


Q: I don't live in the United States or United Kingdom. Can I still order the book and how do I know how much it costs in other currencies?

A: Yes. You can order "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet" through our secure payment provider Paypal using most common credit and debit cards recognised worldwide, such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro, Delta. Though the price is quoted in US Dollars and GB pounds, we have put a currency converter below which calculates the approximate price in most major currencies. The price will be converted into your local currency by your credit card company at current exchange rates.

Currency Converter for


Q: I can't see any details of the shipping costs. Are they included in the price?

A: There are no shipping costs. "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet" is a book in electronic format. Since there is no hard copy book to ship, you save on shipping costs and you don't have to wait for more than a minute or two for it to arrive.


Q: I see your payment collector is PayPal. Who are they and can I trust them with my credit card details?

A: Since 2002, PayPal has been owned international online auction giant eBay. Right now, the total payments processed by PayPal are about 30 billion dollars a year. Paypal has industry-leading fraud prevention measures and offers 100% protection against unauthorised payments from your account. Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to be able to pay. Simply enter your credit or debit card details and you're done!


Q: PayPal is not working or won't accept my payment

A: This may be because PayPal requires cookies to be enabled. Please see PayPal's help pages.


Q: How soon will I receive the book?

A: You should receive an email containing download instructions within a minute or two of ordering. Please check your spam or junk email folder in case it has gone there by mistake. The only exception to this would be if your emails are delayed due to problems with the Internet or with your Internet Service Provider. These problems are outside our control.


Q: What happens if I am not satisfied?

A: My guarantee to you is that, if you are not satisfied with the book, I will refund your payment in full. Of course, you cannot test out the know-how contained in "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet" in just a few days. So in recognition of this, I give you a full year to evaluate the book and decide you want to keep it.


Q: Is "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet" worth the money?

A: The price of "The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet" is a small compared to the cost of diet pills, slimming club and gym memberships, diet magazine subscriptions, or home gym equipment - all of which you may have found did not help you lose weight. Ask yourself - how much is solving your weight loss problem once and for all worth to you?